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Command Post ELITE

A top secret, uncensored community of like-minded patriots who can sense that America is on the cusp of disaster, and need a secure platform to communicate. Inside TCP ELITE, you’ll get access to exclusive weekly video updates, including “off the record” interviews with political insiders at the highest levels of government, top ranking military personnel, Ex-CIA survival experts, and much, much more. On top of that, through our elite network, you’ll get my “DEFCON 0” alerts sent straight to your phone – so you and your family will have that crucial extra time needed to prepare for potential threats. Yes! Secure my seat in The Command Post ELITE for just $19.95 a month.

Emergency Ration Bars (7 Pack)

If things get really bad, you may have to change locations very suddenly… And sometimes, you won’t have the option of bringing much with you. That’s where my Emergency Ration Bars swoop in to save the day! Not only are they extremely portable (throw them right in your bugout bag!), but they stay delicious for years, are all natural, and have zero preservatives. Not only that, but you get 84 ultra filling ration bars – that’s a grand total of 16,800 calories… so if you have to get out of dodge FAST… you and your family never get hungry. YES! Please add Emergency Ration Bars to my order today for just $77.

Famine Fighter - Fruit and Veggies Pack

In a famine, fruits and veggies are always the first thing to vanish… and the life saving, sickness fighting vitamins they contain are why ancient sailors always brought oranges with them on long voyages. My delicious, gluten free, ultra freeze dried Famine Fighter - Fruit and Veggies Pack will help keep your immune system UP, when the chips are DOWN. (122 servings packed into a rugged, water fighting bucket, so your fruit stays fresh for up to 25 years.) Yes! I want to receive my Famine Fighter Fruit & Veggies Pack for just $117

Famine Fighter - Mega Protein Pack (72 servings)

In an crisis, maintaining muscle mass becomes critical. And nothing accomplishes that better than hearty, mouthwatering beef and chicken – jam packed with protein, and loaded into a rugged, water resistant bucket for long-term storage… so your meat stays fresh for up to 30 years. (Total of 9,360 calories with 820g of protein!). Yes! I want to receive my Famine Fighter - Mega Protein Pack (72 servings) for just $197

AlexaPure Pro

Let’s face facts: America is approaching its breaking point. And when s*** hits the fan, our water supply could quickly become contaminated. That’s why I strongly recommend you invest in this groundbreaking gravity-powered filtration system that reduces 206 contaminants commonly found in drinking water including bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, viruses, heavy metals and lead. With Alexapure PRO, you’ll be able to drink water from polluted rivers, giving you and your family a source of clean water for drinking and cooking. YES! Please add the Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System for just $279

By clicking "Pay Now" you understand and agree that your credit card will be charged $790 every 30 days (starting today) for , and will continue for 4 total installments. To stop your subscription at any time, please contact customer care by email [email protected] or by phone 1-844-842-9791. Upon notification, your RMA request will be processed, and your subscription will be stopped upon receipt of the returned product.

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Teddy's Triple Trusted Promise

Teddy Daniels Approves

Promise #1 - You Must LOVE Famine Fighter, Or Your Money Back

If by some bizarre miracle, Communist China gives America back our farms – you still have to LOVE Famine Fighter, and have zero doubt that it’s the best survival food money can buy. If you don’t, then you can simply return Famine Fighter within 30 days from today, and we'll give you back 100% of your purchase price, less shipping and handling. With that said, I strongly suggest you hold onto your supply… This famine is no longer a matter of “if” – but “when”.

Promise #2 - 25 Year Shelf-Life Guarantee

If you open Famine Fighter anytime in the next 25 years and find that despite following storage instructions, your food isn’t as fresh as the day it was made – you can return it to us, and we'll replace it with something of equal or greater value.

Promise #3 - Your Can Keep Your Copy of ‘Final Famine’ – No Matter What

So let’s say that somehow Joe and Kamala save America from this famine… and we finally have world peace. So you decide to send us back your order of Famine Fighter, and get your money back – well, you NEVER have to send back your copy of ‘Final Famine’. It’s yours to keep… Because you never know when you’ll need the secrets contained inside.

Signature: Teddy Daniels

For specific details on our guarantee and return policies for all our products, please visit our Guarantee Terms.

Final Famine & Red Dragon Report Free Bonuses

Real Customer Reviews


Based on 3,864 Reviews

Michael H. Verified Buyer

My Experience


3-Month Emergency Food Supply
Was this helpful?
Michael D. Verified Buyer

Customer Service

While I haven't had the chance yet to try the food and its quality, I can certainly attest to the superior customer service. Living in Alaska can make shipping quite difficult sometimes and customer service was always very timely and responsive.

3-Month Emergency Food Supply
Was this helpful?
Willem D. Verified Buyer

Haven't tried it, but it got here lightning fast

We bought this food because we think things may get really bad. That said, we haven't tried it. We are, however, thankful to have a backup supply. The shipping was super quick and they have followed up with us repeatedly. (I still need to call them back!).

3-Month Emergency Food Supply
Was this helpful?
Rigo N. Verified Buyer

Great and easy

My experience was great and it was easy. This is the best thing I've done for my and my family.

3-Month Emergency Food Supply
Was this helpful?

Frequently Asked Questions

“How long will ‘Famine Fighter™’ and ‘Final Famine: How To Keep Your Family Fat and Happy While The World Starves’ be available online?”

As much as I’d love to say “forever”...

The truth is...

This famine could enter its next phase at any moment. And when it does, chaos and mass confusion will follow immediately.

Beyond that, I strongly suspect that the powers that be have already targeted me, and targeted this website for “liquidation”.

After all, they can’t be happy that I’m blowing the whistle on what they’re doing – or that I’m offering what might be the ONLY way for you to fight this famine.

For all I know, this website – and your ability to get your hands on Famine Fighter and Final Famine – could vanish at any moment.

But if you’re still watching...

It means there’s still a chance to get your hands on this life saving food supply, and critical survival manual.

Just click the button you see right now to get started.

“How long until I receive my supply of Famine Fighter food and my copy of Final Famine... and how does the shipping work?”

When you click the button you see right now...

You’ll be taken to our ultra secure order form. Just enter your details...

Hit the buy button, and BOOM - you’ll instantly receive an email confirmation with a tracking number the moment you place your order.

... so you’ll know exactly when your shipment will arrive – which is typically within just a few days, but if we’re slammed with orders, it could take up to a week.

Our goal is to rush your supply of Famine Fighter, and your copy of Final Famine to you as soon as possible.

Because like I said before, the collapse of America’s food supply could literally happen at any moment.

So please make sure you’re ready.

“Is it safe to buy online?”

YES. Absolutely.

We pride ourselves on using state of the art SSL encryption.

And frankly, it’s because we have to.

When you piss off as many powerful people as I have, you have no choice but to invest in the very best security measures.

Security measures that fully protect your personal information – on top of that, we don’t even store your credit card number – so there’s nothing for them to steal.

That’s why you can feel GOOD, and safe when you click the button you see right now, and invest in your family’s future.

“How much food do I get?”

Your 3-month supply of Famine Fighter™ gives you over 1,800 calories of food a day, per person — for 90 days.

Why 1,800 calories?

Because that’s what the FDA recommends as their general nutritional guidelines.

So don’t settle for anything less.

Because the reality is, when this famine kicks off – the world is going to become very different than anything you’ve ever imagined.

Think “Mad Max” on steroids.

Bottom line, when things get tough, people burn a lot more calories.

That’s a fact.

And it’s one more reason the other survival food companies didn’t make the cut for me – almost all of them have significantly less calories than Famine Fighter.

And crazy as it sounds, the extra calories packed into every Famine Fighter meal could make the difference between surviving – and thriving when things get really bad.

Now remember, the 3 month supply of Famine Fighter is for one person. So if you have a family, and you want to make sure they’re protected too, you should absolutely order a larger package – if it’s still in stock.

“What if I get full from just half of a Famine Fighter meal, or am trying to conserve my supply?”

Great question.

As mentioned before, with Famine Fighter™, you’re getting way more food than average.

Unlike other brands that try to peddle a mere 1,500 calories a day — which is not enough food by FDA standards — Famine Fighter™ gives you a whopping 1,800 calories a day for 90 days.

It’s enough food to fill you up and then some.

Which is why each pouch of Famine Fighter™ is resealable.

So you don’t have to eat it all at once.

Eat as much as you can now, then simply reseal your heavy-duty, 4-layer, double oxygen shield pouch... and put it back on your shelf for later.

“How long is the expiration date on this food?”

Famine Fighter™ survival food is designed to last for up to 25 years. (Yes, that’s not a typo.)

It’s designed to last for up to 25 years.

So you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

That said, it’s best to store your survival food in a cool, dry place — dark if possible — at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F.

On top of that, unopened food pouches keep their shelf-life even after you open the bucket.

“How big are the buckets?”

Each bucket of Famine Fighter™ measures to be 9.75” by 11.75” by 15.75”.

Which makes them incredibly easy to stack and store.

So click the button you see right now, and secure your Famine Fighter food supply… and your copy of Final Famine while you still can.

”What meals can I expect in my Famine Fighter food supply, and how can I review the ingredients?”

The selection of meals varies per package. Full package contents and nutritional information can be found on this page.

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